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Union Day School will deliver a rigorous and content-rich education to a diverse community of students, in a shared conviction that each student will achieve high quality academic success and enriched personal growth.


Union Day School nurtures all students to discover their talents and passion, build foundation skills and character to reach their true potential, and grow meaningful relationships for confidence and future success.

We recognize every child has a unique voice and a natural curiosity about the world that is just waiting to bloom. We are offering a nurturing and joyous environment designed to spark young minds, spur discovery, and foster engagement with new ideas and knowledge. Every day, we help children develop the critical foundational skills needed for a lifetime of learning. Our approach recognizes that inquiry-based learning is the best way to inspire learners of all ages. We believe in a collaborative, integrated curriculum that includes diverse perspectives that yield in-depth, creative thinking and better problem-solving skills.

Union Day School is dedicated to their mission of creating passionate learners today, and global leaders for tomorrow. The faculty and staff are purposeful in their interactions with students as they have created a nurturing and supportive environment where students can thrive in their love of learning and exploration.

UDS helps children develop the critical foundational skills needed for a lifetime of learning, including encouraging students to pursue their passions and apply what they know to solve meaningful problems.


Throughout history and mythology, the gryphon denotes strength, courage, boldness, gentleness, vigilance, fleet, virtue, protection, dedication, and loyalty to name a few. Gryphon images can be seen in architecture and depictions guarding priceless treasure.  

 The mighty gryphon aptly represents Union Day with its forelegs and head of an eagle combined with the fierce body of the lion. The combination of both the King of the sky and the King of land accurately represent Union Day students being well rounded through wisdom, intelligence and strength through continually pursuing personal excellence.

May the mighty gryphon guard over the students of Union Day as they guarded ancient treasures, inspire them to soar to their highest potential and become masters of knowledge.  May the proud gryphons of Union Day go forth into the world with boldness, virtue and loyalty.

“Kings of the land and the sky we are; proud gryphons.”

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