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10th Grade Personal Project

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) at Union Day School also includes a10th Grade Personal Project.  We encourage you to bookmark this page and visit regularly to learn more about this year's 10th Grade Personal Project. 

Principled Action

While the principled action in the personal project may not result in a specific form of service with the community, the inquiry process remains the same.

Students’ learning process in the MYP personal project involves action in a wide range of forms, including:

  • developing an area of personal interest beyond the subject-specific curriculum

  • sharing their new understandings with their peers, teachers and family

  • changing their behavior in response to their learning and recognizing that they are able to make a difference through the decisions they make and the things they do.

While principled action may not always be clearly or immediately visible or measurable, students are prompted to record and reflect on how what they have learned has impacted their attitudes and behavior.

The process of reflection should be carried out throughout the project, not just at the end. Students are encouraged to reflect regularly on their inquiry process and on the actions they have taken at various stages of their project.

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