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Morning drop off / tardy

Regular Morning Carpool: 7:35-8:05am — The faculty and staff assisting with morning drop off will indicate when students can begin exiting their cars

  • If you arrive between 8:06 - 8:10 am, please park and walk your child into the front lobby, you do not need to sign in on the tardy sheet if you arrive before 8:10.

  • Students arriving after 8:10 am will be marked tardy. If you arrive after 8:10, you must sign in on the tardy sheet in the reception lobby for the purpose of your child’s attendance record. If applicable, please hand any medical/dentist notes to front reception.

Morning/Afternoon Car Rider Traffic Pattern

Morning/Afternoon Car Rider Traffic Pattern


  • If you are picking your child up for early dismissal, please email your child’s teacher and copy Emily Campbell, our receptionist, at

  • If you are picking up for early dismissal, please park in spaces at the front of the school, do not park in the carpool drop off/pick up zone

  • Early dismissal ends promptly at 3:10pm. Beginning at 3:11, you will be asked to return to your car and join the afternoon carpool line to pick up your child(ren). When you enter the front lobby, please inform reception who you are picking up, sign them out in the “early dismissal” sheet, and be prepared to show I.D.

Regular Afternoon Car Rider —Students are dismissed to their cars beginning at 3:30 pm, once the school buses have left the parking lot. Once in the back parking lot, cars in either carpool line will alternate as they are directed into a single carpool lane in the pick up/drop off zone.

  • With construction, parents arriving on campus before 3pm for regular carpool CANNOT be accommodated. Please do not enter campus for regular carpool before 3 pm.

  • According to Union County Sheriff's Office any parent blocking traffic could face the possibility of being ticketed. Cars cannot wait to enter the property in our designated turn lane, you cannot pull over off the road onto the farm’s property (this is private property), and the surrounding neighborhoods are not areas to park and wait.

pick up by someone other than parent/guardian

You must inform your child(rens) teacher(s) by email before 2pm if someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up your child(ren) in regular afternoon carpool

  • If this person is picking up your child for early release, you must also include in your email to the classroom teacher

  • If this person is picking up your child from After Care, you must also include in your email to your child(rens) teacher(s)

  • You must call the school to inform our receptionist of any changes to your child(rens) dismissal plan if you make those changes after 2pm


  • Please include Jenny Lamb on any emails you send to a teacher regarding your child(ren)’s absences, including, if applicable, any digital doctor/dentist notes. Her email address is

  • If you send your child(ren) to school with a paper note excusing a prior absence, please instruct your child to turn it in to their classroom teacher

  • Any questions or concerns about attendance and absences should be directed to Jenny Lamb at

Communication with Faculty/Staff

  • When you email faculty with questions or concerns, please allow a 24 hour turnaround for a response

  • The UDS policy for contacting teachers is through UDS email or the school phone. Please note, classroom teachers are often unavailable to speak on the phone during the academic day. Teachers will not be corresponding via cell phones/text messages. The Bloomz App is also not to be utilized for instant messaging

  • If you need to get a message to your child’s teacher quickly, please call the school at 704-256-1494 and your message will be relayed to your child’s teacher

  • If you wish to meet with a faculty or staff member, you must schedule a meeting in advance via email/phone. The daily schedules of faculty and staff cannot accommodate parent/guardian walk-in requests for meetings

Visitor and volunteer policies

  • All visitor, volunteer, and field trip chaperone policies are listed under Parent Resources

Nurse’s office

  • All policies, information, and necessary forms relating to allergies, medication, illness, student medical information, and the nurse’s office in general, can be found under Parent Resources

Having lunch with your child

  • If you would like to come and have lunch with your child, you must email their teacher the day before you plan to come. Your ID will be checked at the front desk and you will be issued a visitor badge. Lunch begins at 11:30 and ends at 12:00. You do not need to pass the volunteer background check to be able to have lunch with your child

  • If you are bringing outside food for lunch, please check with your child’s teacher to see if your class has food allergies

  • If you are eating with more than one child from different classrooms/grade levels, you may be asked to eat in a shared space, please be flexible about where you are directed to

ordering hot lunch

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Parents and visitors must use the designated faculty bathrooms; they are not allowed to use student bathrooms. There are faculty bathrooms on the first and second floors; please ask a faculty or staff member to direct you to these bathrooms.

UDS Spirit wear / UDS Parent Association

Spirit wear is 100% organized by our PTO. The Spirit Wear store opens to place batch orders and closes during designated windows to keep costs down. Please check the PTO Newsletter, which is also included in the Thoughtful Thursdays, to check when the spirit wear store is scheduled to open next. Staff and faculty will not be able to assist in answering questions/providing information about Spirit Wear, please contact the PTO with any inquiries.

UDS SPirit rock

Below are the current directions for reserving and paying for painting the Spirit Rock.

Use the UDS Shop to reserve a date to paint the spirit rock.

When purchasing and reserving a date to paint the Spirit Rock, please make sure to select the correct date from the drop down menu options. If the date you want is showing as “sold out,” it means someone else has reserved that date.

All days when school is in session at UDS are available to reserve—weekends and holidays are not included as options.

  • Paint the rock for your reserved date

    You may begin painting the rock at 5:00pm the day before your reservation. Example: Rock is reserved for February 11th. You may paint the rock anytime beginning at 5:00pm on February 10th. Your rock will remain painted until at least 5:00pm on the 11th.