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2022-23 Back to School Information

Dress Code

1. Tops — Grades K-5: Navy Blue or White collared shirt. Grades 6-9: Navy, Light Blue or White collared shirt. Sleeveless tops or tops with thin straps are not allowed.

  • A. Clothing must be clean and tidy.

  • B. Sweatshirts: with Union Day School logo or White, Navy or Light Blue (Light Blue for middle school/high school students only)

  • C. Shirts must be free of writing

  • D. Shirts and sweatshirts must not have logos bigger than a quarter

2. Bottoms - SOLID khaki or Navy blue. Athletic wear is not allowed in classrooms during the school day unless it is a school designated dress down day.

  • A. Pants should not hang on the floor

  • B. Shorts/Skorts/Skirts/Jumpers: Hems should fall below fingertips when hands are extended to the side

3. Shoes and Socks/Tights

  • A. Durable tennis shoes, simple in appearance, are to be worn for all grades

  • B. Enclosed toe shoes only

  • C. No lights in shoes

  • D. Socks/tights in white, navy, gray or black with no pattern or designs

4. Coats/Jackets/Sweaters Coats or jackets of any color may be worn before and after school as well as during recess. They cannot be worn in the classroom or hallway areas during the school day. Sweaters may be worn in the classroom, in uniform colors.

5. Hair

  • A. All students should have well-groomed hair in traditional styles.

  • B. Hair should be kept neat and out of the eyes or hanging over the face or interfere with education

  • C. Bangs are not to hang in the eyes

  • D. No unnatural colored hair such as orange, green, purple, yellow etc.

6. Other

  • A. Clothing is not to be tight or form fitting

  • B. Belts: brown or black, when worn

  • C. Clothing should always be in good repair with holes mended

  • D. Makeup is not permitted in elementary grades.

  • E. No head covering may be worn at school unless required for specific reason with prior approval by Principal/Head of School .

  • F. Any spirit-wear, purchased from PA, is permissible on designated days.



The first 20 days of school are critical for funding. Union Day’s yearly funding is calculated on the students in attendance the first twenty days of instruction. We cannot receive the maximum funding without all students in attendance during this crucial period. Please make every effort to send your student(s) to school the first twenty days.

Arrival and Dismissal

Regular Morning Carpool: 7:40-8:00 am — The faculty and staff assisting with morning drop off will indicate when students can begin exiting their cars

  • If you arrive after 8 am, please park and walk your child into the front lobby. Students must be signed in on the tardy sheet in the reception lobby for the purpose of your child’s attendance record. If applicable, please hand any medical/dentist notes to front reception.

Regular Afternoon Car Rider —Students are dismissed to their cars and buses beginning at 3:20pm and ends at 3:40pm.




Union Day School provides Before (BSC) and After (ASC) School Care for enrolled students. BSC and ASC are paid for in advance of the week the payments apply to. Please visit the UDS Shop to sign up and pay for BSC and/or ASC. For more information about BSC and ASC, please click here.


UDS offers various after school enrichment programs to all students. Most enrichment programs run for 4-8 weeks and meet once or twice a week on campus after school. Some enrichment programs are organized by grade level, with a K-2nd grade group, a 3-5th grade group, and a middle school group. UDS enrichment programs offer athletic, academic, and creative options to choose from. Some examples of past enrichment programs include Chess Club, Kids Yoga, Tennis, Zumba, Basketball, Boys Let Me Run, Girls On the Run, Atomz Lab, and many more! The exact enrichment programs, and their cost, will be announced closure to the enrichment enrollment period.


In the 2018-19 year, UDS unveiled its House System (think Harry Potter!) The house system organizes students from across all grade levels into one of five houses. The houses meet once a month to work on activities and participate in house events. The house system gives students a chance to form friendships across grade levels, participate in community activities, and compete in athletic and academic contests between houses. Each house name celebrates a different, unique culture from around the world. Houses will be assigned to new students the first month of school.

Mandatory Medical Form

North Carolina requires a health assessment transmittal form be submitted by all students entering kindergarten or a NC public school for the first time. Immunization records and health assessment forms, along with more health services and requirements can be found here.


Hot Lunch

please visit


Helpful Links

2022-23 School Calendar

2022-23 Supply Lists

Who To Contact

Parent Resources (including student handbooks)

Health Services and Mandatory Medical Forms


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