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School Lunch Program


Hello UDS,
Union Day School will use a new lunch program this year and we are excited to share with you the details!  Our students have a choice to either bring lunch from home or can order lunch through our offered lunch vendor. The menu is set up in an a la carte format.  
This year, UDS will use  “ The Lunch Basket” as our lunch vendor. The Lunch Basket is a family owned business, located in Matthews, NC.  They have been in service for 25 years and are currently serving seven schools in the Charlotte area and three schools in the Lancaster county area in South Carolina. The owner Danny Ziozios, has owned and operated multiple restaurants in North Carolina and South Carolina for the last 35 years.
For the first two weeks NEW students will need to bring a packed lunch, a water bottle, and snacks each day.  
If by chance you forget to pack your child’s lunch, we will provide your child with an alternative lunch for the day.  We are asking families not to send food for their child through any delivery services. This causes a disruption to the operation of the main office. 
The Parent Association will once again supply our wonderful volunteers that will organize and deliver lunch to each class in the Lower school and will be distributing lunch through the lunch window for the Upper school.  Our volunteers are preparing and gearing up to continue  providing this service to our students and we are so thankful for them.
Our lunch management software will be through the EZ School Apps. The Lunch Management system offers a safe and secure way to pay for student meals online from any browser using www.ezschoolapps.com.  It also provides parents and students the opportunity to discuss meal options and then pre order meals online. Please note, payments are made via credit or debit cards.  Please use the following link to begin ordering today - www.ezschoolapps.com.  We are asking families to order for 2 weeks at a time. You can also order for the month if you would like.  Once the ordering window is closed, you will not be able to order until the window is open again for the next 2 weeks.  All orders will need to be in by the second Sunday of each month by 8pm.  We will not be able to place same day orders. 

Link and instructions for EZ School Apps:

EZ School Apps - Parents Signup (Auto-activate Parent)

After signing up you will have the opportunity to:

· Select and order meals for your student online.

· Track your student’s orders.

·  View the school’s menu options.

Please follow the attached directions to set up your account today.  Enjoy the convenience of online ordering, online payments, and the view of your student’s account 24/7.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the main office at uds@uniondayschool.com.

Thank You

Rita Williams
Finance Director