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Resources for current parents and guardians can be found on this page, including downloadable forms, school policies, supply lists and summer project directions.

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Union Day School policies 

School Volunteer Policy

If you want to be a volunteer at UDS, you must undergo a background check at your expense. Simply call the number listed and tell them that you would like to be an APPROVED VOLUNTEER for Union Day School. There is a nominal $29.00 fee for the application process - Please note that your volunteer status is good for the 2018-2019 school year. Please note, although it only takes 24 hours for the approval, it does take time for the background check company to give us an updated list. You will be notified via your classroom teacher once when you are approved. The number to call is 704-504-0928.

Field Trip Chaperone Policy

All field trip chaperones need to be approved volunteers AND be approved to attend the field trip by the classroom teacher. Parents are not permitted to “show up” to a field trip without BOTH of these approvals. This is for the safety of our students.

Visitor Policy

All visitors are required to present their driver’s license at the front desk for any school visits. Please report to the front desk immediately upon entering the campus. Sign in at the front desk upon entering the school, provide your anticipated time of departure,  and sign out when departing. Any visitors who intend to leave the front lobby will need a security badge provided by reception. The same policy holds true for the Kindergarten building. Thank you for helping keep our Gryphons safe! Unauthorized persons will be reported to the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

2019-2020 classroom Supply lists

2019-2020 grade level summer projects

the nurse’s office

Welcome UDS families,

Nurse Tiffany Igle was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia where she attended Savannah State University, Savannah Technical College, and University of Phoenix. Tiffany is a seasoned nurse with over 16 years of experience. She has worked in various areas of nursing which includes Occupational Health and School Nursing for Atlanta Public Schools, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Livingstone College, and Wake Forest University. Tiffany relocated to Charlotte in 2016. Nurse Igle is excited to become a part of the UDS family.

Nurse Igle’s hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm

Allergy Protocol:

  • Epipens will be in a red bag in the classroom.  This bag will follow students wherever they go. Staff will transfer the bag to each other when the student leaves the classroom.

  • There will be a sign posted outside the classroom door stating the room is allergy aware to the allergens your student is allergic to.

  • If your student has a severe anaphylactic reaction the fellow students will wash their hands after snack and meals.  The tables will also be washed as well.

  • Families will be asked to fill out the Allergy/medical form and give to School Nurse during open house.

  • Families will supply staff with emergency medications.

Medical Paperwork needed:

  • All kindergarten as well as students new to UDS must submit a North Carolina Health Transmittal form. This form can be found below.

  • Immunization records or a Religious Exemption form must also be submitted to the health office for all incoming Kindergarteners and students new to UDS.  All health assessments and Immunization have to be submitted by (30) calendar days from the start of school

Medication Administration:

  • Medication can only be administered with a Physician’s order as well as your signed consent. Medication Authorization Forms can be found below.

  • Medication must be in a pharmacy labeled bottle.

  • If your child needs a over the counter medication, please bring in a unopened bottle with your child’s name on it.

  • Please bring all medications to open house at the beginning of the year, ensuring we have it ready for use if need be. If a new need for medication arises during the school year, please fill out the medication authorization form and drop the medication off at the nurse’s office.

  • All medications must be picked up on the last day of school. Medication will not be kept over the summer.

Illness Protocols:

  • Your child must fever-free for 24 hours before entering school.

  • If your child has gastro-intestinal issues, they must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

  • If your child has a skin condition such as Molluscum contagiosum or ringworm, the site must be covered.

  • Students with concussions occurring outside of a school-sponsored sport should bring documentation to the health office for assistance with care and accommodations at school.

  • Students that are enrolled in school sponsored sport or activity are required to follow the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Act For return to play and learning. A physician licensed in concussion training must evaluate and complete the necessary forms.

Vision Screening:

  • Vision screening will be conducted annually

  • Grades k-5 will be screened during the fall semester

  • Kindergarten will be screened in the month of February