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First Grade Curriculum

Reading and Writing​
  • Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears® program

  • Grammar/Usage/Mechanics: verbs, adjectives, nouns (singular, plural, possessive), pronouns, possessive pronouns, capitalization, punctuation (end punctuation, commas in a series, contractions, suffixes, compound words, contractions, plurals, parts of a sentence, spelling

  • Composition: complete sentences, order words, labels, narrative stories, details to pictures and words, nonfiction writing, teaching true facts about certain topics, adding text features such as diagrams, captions, glossaries, table of contents, poetry, descriptive language, sensory language, opinion pieces, introduce a topic, provide an opinion, supply a reason for the opinion, provide a sense of closure

  • Public Speaking: present topics and information to teach others, present projects


  • High frequency words

  • Phonics: Letterland- consonants, short/long vowels, digraphs, beginning and ending blends, vowel pairs

  • Comprehension skills: reality/fantasy, compare/contrast, summarize, draw conclusions, classify and categorize, main idea and details, cause and effect, sequencing and making inferences

  • Comprehension Strategies: predict, make connections, visualize, monitor and clarify, ask questions, stop and jot

  • Singapore Math®

  • Numeration: counting, addition, and subtraction

  • Graphs – read, interpret, create

  • Word Problems

  • Applications to Real Life Situations

  • Collecting and organizing Data

  • Measurement

  • Money

  • Time (to the hour and ½ hour)

  • Geometry

  • Fractions (½ and ¼)

  • Using Numbers to 120

  • Problem Solving

  • Mental Math

  • Place Value

  • Fact Families

Social Studies
  • Community

  • Countries around the world

  • Global holidays and traditions

  • Geography

  • Civics and Governance

  • Black History Month

  • Space

  • Soil and Rocks

  • Forces and Motion

  • Life Science

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